Hello, weary traveller!

My name is Sean Allred and I am a software developer and enthusiast currently enjoying Madison, Wisconsin. I spend most of my time working at Epic making healthcare safer, but I also develop in my free time using a variety of technologies just for funsies. When I’m not at a computer, I enjoy looking outside waiting for winter to end.

Want to see my résumé?

I’ve recently migrated this site from Jekyll to Hugo with which I’m personally having much greater success. During this process, some links may have broken (even though I’ve taken some care to avoid this) – if you come across any broken links, please report them by opening a GitHub issue. This migration happened a bit more suddenly than I had planned, so bear with me through any issues :-)

Previously, this content tried to be TeX-focused. I’ve come to realize that kind of focus is a silly idea for me.

I do what I want.

I have no particular affinity towards ducks.

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